Ghost o r c h i d blooms alone,
the earth untouched by its design. Serenading rain drops fall,
a fog emerged;
lamenting time.

Good evening tumblr. Champagne by the Grand Cayman shore : )

Good evening tumblr. Champagne by the Grand Cayman shore : )

A poets codex.


Stories told by firelight neath blazing

stars and moon filled nights.

Immortalized in coloured caves, through

ancient song and lullabies. Of volumes

scribed on forgotten texts, deciphered

fragments remain. From cuneiform to

hieroglyph, on papyrus vessels framed.

Upon great columns etched like rings,

soaring monuments of time.

Transcending language and centuries,

through oceans rise and tides.

La calma ( from infinite plains )


You believe the wind blows for the

sinners we’ve become, our breath shall

carry with it all the golden of the sun. No

one cries while watching distant stars

give birth anew; a vessel formed of

words and flesh, a sinners dream in


Wooden leaves.

Dancing clouds in the distance,
violet rays of the sun,
bring forth times we’ve forgotten;
all those tears we saw run.
I have never created,
I have tried but ne’er won.
I have fought off the nightmares,
no more dreams-songs,

The setting moon.

Cleansed within the shadows deep,
an outlined darkness falls,
while all souls sleep.
Soft crimson epitaphs adorn,
a silken cloak,
from ancient passions spawned


I’ve seen the words, turn and fade away, through sunsets hide,
breaking down the gaze of day.
A thimbles touch among the barren hues of Morning,
wrought iron blossoms sway,
across an everlasting longing.

Solaris poem.

This solemn night is free of shadows. A passing moon looks on with pride. I’ve traced the light,
it’s curves and valleys.
Her outline glows,
no myst in sight. An ocean flows,
her movements gentle.
She smiles as earth begins to rise. Beside her skin,
a warming universe.
Inside her brings-
-the sunrise back…

View from my room (birthday treat)
Grand cayman.

View from my room (birthday treat)
Grand cayman.