Her lovers promise.

Covered in soft moonlight,

I search the path before me,

the taste of wine fresh on our lips.

Your crescendo breaks the silence,




slowly coursing through your arching


I can feel a volley surging slow,

it’s approach a tremble deep.


..however magic waits,

for her night will see no sleep.

suspiro de luna.

Levitate as the sun descends,

we can still amend,

the fleeting daylight.

Lay your palm upon my sky,

feel my body rise,

brave the coming high tide.

Demonstrate a command of time,

make forever rhyme,

on a cloud you will ride.

She holds all flames.


Here she comes like the tide. A one

winged angel, pure destruction she

hides. She exhales nightmares like

smoke, a refractory image on her

serpentine cloak. Her lips, your every

desire. She will shed diamond tears as

you burn in her fire. She moves as soft

as spring rain, wound her heart and

she’ll show you the meaning of pain.

We…the solar eclipse.

Shed false skin and reveal the true you.

Guide my way in,

let me singe from your embers.

You’ve swallowed my gravity and spit

out the universe.

A chrysalis has formed,

what was one,

is now two.

Perpetual motion as an act of self love,

we’ve replaced it with thunderbolts from

below and above.

Damn what this blindness of night seeks to


what our frail eyes of passion won’t

freely evoke.

Spilling the milky galaxy.

I’ve spun with the movements of the

a g e s.

I’ve rotated freely while the sun

f l a r e s.

Collected the starlight from your


it was you, my dreams in blue became


..time seeks a memory.


I am a wind vane for the changing seasons.

A weathered face with no voice to speak can still whisper in dreams.

I will be remembered,
not now,

not in some faraway tomorrow,
by the glow of firelight they will tell my story,

o u r story.

We held our place among the stars they will say.

We walked firmly along the shores,
they will r e m e m b e r..

when there were shores to walk on.

We were the wind vanes that signaled change..

the seasons don’t change anymore they say.

We have skin for a reason.

It encases our souls like a beautiful cage. It reacts to the touch, it feels love, it loathes pain. Like a canvas adorned, our life’s journeys displayed. There within lies our heart, it’s a victim of age. We need skin for a reason? Release the soul from its cage.

Images of a passing storm. ( morse code collective )

A colonnade of summers holds aloft our

marbled dreams. The cooling kiss of

moonlight shines betwixt its golden

seams. Below a sundial navigates,

infinite it’s watchful guise. Above sat

gardens where pixies played, till the

solstice star would rise. Beyond lay

fields of clouds, of blue, where twin

galaxies once shined. This monument

we’ve built forever, shall transcend the

dark of time.

Breathe in time with me.

Poetic volumes s c r e a m in silence the

dissonance we spoke. An atmospheric

landscape strewn a c r o s s our sheets

like s m o k e. Soft, s i l k e n folds of

dripping r e v e r i e with every

thunderous slide. A part of me within

your frame, r e l e a s e poseidons tide.



I want to leave my sigil with the vestiges

of time. A poets life is measured by the

verse, it’s soul sublime. We write entire

galaxies in vessels born of ink, we are

the modern minstrels, let our poems

become our link.